Find Your Voice – How to Become a Voiceover Actor

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The Find Your Voice course is an organically crafted course taken from the “Find Your Voice” handbook by Christopher Odiley. As he sums it in one of the chapter, “the voiceover industry is the most popular one of all the performing arts discipline”. This Couse among many other factors will expose mentees to the high volume of opportunities in the industry, its relevance in the media industry:

  • The Voice Over Profession is a unique aspect of the performing art industry.
  • One that is mostly sought after but highly underrated.
  • One that has all the potential to enrich your life as a voice over artist with limitless opportunities.
  • One that has its presence in every area of the media industry.
  • Most importantly, the voice over profession is one that anyone can get into, with or without college degree.
  • This Guidebook will show you how to become a real voiceover artist and start earning, doing what you love. Get your copy here!


Christopher Odiley is a music industry expert with a special focus on talent development, music consulting, music production, and music publishing. Christopher Odiley is also a talent manager infusing mentoring into his artist management duties. The Founder and Executive Producer of Morgeez Meia Agency trading as Morgeez Records based in South Africa and Nigeria respectively

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