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Business Podcast Interviews

How does Podcasting for Business Works?

Getting into the hearts of the target audience or the public has never been easy.  And solving this very difficult aspect of marketing, is what business podcasting is actually all about.

The aim for using the interview or podcast interview channel is to have the opportunity to explain in detail, what you are offering. Whether is services or products. Spread the vital messages with great audio and video content.

Who should use Business Podcasting as a Promotional Tool?

Whether you are in the entertainment industry as a celebrity, or you are an entrepreneur, or whether you are a career professional with a message to put out there, this type of marketing channel is obviously a great choice for you.

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What does Morgeez Offer in Business Podcasting?

From the beginning or from the moment you finished manufacturing your products, or from the time your even conceive your business idea as a service provider, or celebrity, a business podcast is able to relate that story in the form of a “marketing or promotional documentary”.

Morgeez is able to help from conceptualization to scripting of the promotional podcast interview format, to its production and final distribution/publishing.

Morgeez will help in distributing your marketing podcast through all major podcast distribution channels which include Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and others.

Its time you reach a global audience with high-end quality audio-video messages.

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Some Types of Marketing Podcast

Interview Podcast

These are podcasts that involve one or two hosts with one or more guests. The main concept here is for the host to ask guest questions that are relevant to the topic of discussion. While Guest provides the right answers that are significant to the topic and interest of the listeners as transparent as possible. No matter what industry or profession you are in, this type of podcast interview can help you talk to your audience the best way they can understand you.

Narrations Podcast

You can use narration podcasts for products and services or even career reviews. Narration podcast uses one presenter or two presenter to simply read out a well written script related to the subject matter in a professional but yet endearing manners. Narration podcasts are very helpful in the sense that as the story or script is being presented by the reader, audience are able to listen with keen interest and listen very carefully at their spare times.

Conversational Podcast

Conversational method of podcasting is one of the most valuable kind of podcasts. Here, just one host is fine as the program or episode anchor who lead the conversation on with more than 2 guests if possible. Depending on size of studio. The host poses well scripted questions based on the topic of the day while the guests debate and debunk the questions on a more analytical and objective ways for a better understanding.

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