Mentoring in Music Business | Why You Need It

The music industry is a highly complex industry to get into either as an entrepreneur, or as a performer. Just like many other business ventures in the world we are living in today, it requires a serious attention to details for one to succeed in it. This attention to details doesn’t come cheap as it will require collaboration with people or other talent that has being in the game.

Why mentoring is important in music business

The dynamism of the process of even getting into the music business is one great reason to actually have a mentor. The music business is one of the businesses in the world that has so many branches that are so complex to the extent that finding exactly where one fits in is hard enough to determine. Generally, we all rely on our natural talent to define our interest in music business but in most cases, natural talent alone has proven not to be enough. The question is, if talent alone cannot see you through, so what is it that is capable of leading you to success in the music business? This is a riddle that has being left unsolved in decades by the music industry actors since its inception.

Just like business practices in general, (in any business discipline), in order to acquire some immediate knowledge that can help you proceed with the technical ability to succeed, associating yourself with some form of mentor-ship program is a key factor. This way, some of the practical, hands-on experience or business secrets may be willingly shared with you by your mentor.

music business mentoring program

music business mentorship

Is Mentoring in music business necessary for someone with university degree?

This is a very good question. And I will like to treat this with utmost care and to the best of my ability. Many young people from higher institutions are always wondering what mentoring in music business can actually do for them. You see, I had seen many college graduates or university graduates who are in the music industry doing well without any mentor besides them. In other words, they rely on their education and the educational experience that they have acquired through their studies. Some are doing well, financially or popularly, depending on however you measure success.

Likewise, some cannot beat their chest and say they are doing alright. But why are these ones not doing so well after acquiring the much needed education? So, my research has shown me that the college tuition possessed by the educated musicians or music industry practitioners are great but in reality, lacks the practical experience a mentor must have acquired during his or her many years of being involved in the industry.

What does a Mentor brings into your music career?

Experience they said, “is the best teacher”. What does this mean? It mean exactly what it is. Experience in any field of profession can be regarded as the many years someone has being actively involved. This is the times spent actually carrying-out or exercising duties that relates to every components of the profession. For example, a music teacher who has being teaching for more than 20 years, or a music producer with many years of music compositions has acquire the much needed experience that can be very useful to a young or freshly graduated music teacher or producer.

This experience can be well-shared with anyone who has the zeal to improve quickly in their career. Hence when younger talents finds themselves associated with this group or persons with that massive body of talent and experience, they are bound to make exceptional progress in no distance times.

What does mentoring in music business entails?

This is another great question. Mentor-ship in music business can be a bit tricky. This is due to the very many facet of business opportunities available in the music industry. By this, I mean the music business has a lot of components and all of them makes independent business sense that anyone can make a career out of. This is why it is very important for anyone wishing to get into some form of mentor-ship path with another expert or mentor should be very clear from the on-set what aspect of the music business you are highly interest in.

Therefore, if you are passionate about music production, or you had studied music production, then the best path for you to find professional mentor-ship would be in the field of music production. So finding a music producer who has the hunger for knowledge sharing would be very helpful. Likewise, if you are interested in music promotion, then, a music promoter with the appetite for knowledge sharing would be your best mentor. So the list goes on, depending on your area of interest and as you progresses, your mentor would be able to practically impact the knowledge of what your chosen discipline in the music business entails.

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Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley is a music industry expert with a special focus on talent development, music consulting, music production, and music publishing. Christopher Odiley is also a talent manager infusing mentoring into his artist management duties. The Founder and Executive Producer of Morgeez Meia Agency trading as Morgeez Records based in South Africa and Nigeria respectively

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