10 Lessons to Learn From the Sporting World by Musicians

The time has come for indie music artists to compare their music career to other professional and lite sporting careers. This has become imperative for the fact that most young musicians approach their career in a certain ways that suggests that someone somewhere, owes them a spot to shine. Large percentage of young musicians will start off on the surface without taking the time to learn about their music trade. Then, the issue of discipline and morality. No matter what industry you are in, one cannot escape the fact that progress will rest mostly on the amount of discipline you apply to your profession guided by moral compass.

What is it that Young Athletes Do Right in the Beginning of their Careers?

Without wasting too much times explain what young athletes in various sporting codes does right, it is clear for everyone to see that, in the athletics world, early development is key. Besides athletes been talented and passionate about excelling in their sporting activities. There are various developmental stages that focuses not only on enhancing performances, but also, the athletes mentality.

More athletes will pass through their various training programs as they chases the dreams of becoming superstars. This culture has being instilled in them from childhood and it has become a natural phenomenon that they have to acquire early training and mentorships in their career.

What the Sporting World has Done Right?

The Sporting world could be credited for their visions in developing talents from grassroot level. By grassroot I mean setting various training institutions and mentorship programs that are highly attractive to up & coming sports talents. The sporting world, has setup various operational organs that works to accelerate performance, but also discipline in life. The level of excellence in sport has been overwhelmingly impressive and this is something the music industry should strongly support.

No matter what industry you are in, one cannot escape the fact that progress will rest mostly on the amount of discipline you apply to your profession guided by moral compass.

Christopher Odiley

Lesson to Learn From the Sporting World by Musicians

The music industry has to learn some vital life lessons from the sports communities. The music industry has to setup structures that aims to develop the talents, aspiring musicians and the general infrastructural base of the music industry. Let me state some of the key aspect of the music industry that role players need to pay attention.

  1. Discipline
  2. Social conduct
  3. Responsibility
  4. The talent itself
  5. Performance
  6. Morals
  7. Competitiveness
  8. Level Playing Field
  9. Focus
  10. Integrity

These aspects and many others I have not remembered or unable to mention right now due to time, are the very basic principles the music industry should harness in other to achieve some sort of integrity among musicians. There’s no doubt that with some high level of integrity in the industry, there will be more support from parents who would want their children to pursue their career in music. This will in-turn expand or elevate the music industry to a level where positivism strives.

What is Music Industry Take-Home from these Lessons

If you share same value like I do, that is, being progressive in anything we do, then there’s a great lesson to learn. If you believe that you can achieve anything without compromising your morals and integrity, then this article will be meaningful to you as well.

Bottom line is that, on a professional level, the Music Industry should encourage the development of talents based on positive energy and morals beneficial to society just like the Sporting World. Not to say, there are no positive energy in the music industry, for sure, there are pockets of positivism but this needs to be a common principle upon which success should be built.

The music industry should consider investing more on activities that can attract more talented youth and imbibe the culture of professional integrity from an early stage of talent development process. This will go along way in helping musicians growing to be more productive, resourceful and most of all beloved by the society at large.

Please let’s have your thoughts on this and share for more people to participate in this debate. Leave your comments below. Or simply contact us. If you are a young artist, mentorship is very crucial to your success. Learn more about the Morgeez Mentorship Program now.

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Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley

Christopher Odiley is a music industry expert with a special focus on talent development, music consulting, music production, and music publishing. Christopher Odiley is also a talent manager infusing mentoring into his artist management duties. The Founder and Executive Producer of Morgeez Meia Agency trading as Morgeez Records based in South Africa and Nigeria respectively

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