Music Distribution


Sell Your Music Worldwide.

Digital Music Distribution that Works!

Release your music globally to all major stores.
Keep 100% of your royalties because your music belongs to you.

Music Release

Whether you are a known artist or aspiring artist, you are welcome to release with us and sell directly on the Morgeez  official Music Store. Once you signup to become member of our site, the opportunities are endless. You are able to monitor your sales and receive your full payout on any sales you made right here. This is the coolest part of joining the Morgeez Family.

Worldwide release

With our extensive global music distribution networks and our partnership with the major digital music distribution and music streaming platforms, we are able to release your music worldwide. Your music will be available on amazon, spotify, iTunes, pandora, and 100s of others.

Sell CD Copies to Your Fans

As a member of Morgeez Records you have the opportunity of selling special pre-release orders to you fans from your own music store. We assist you guide you all the way. You are able to load your cd copies or merchandise as stand alone products for your customers to be able to pre-order and you ship to them anywhere they are.

100% Profit

Make more money from your sales by collecting 100% of your royalty. Pay out from amazon, spotify, iTunes and others strictly belongs to you as we collect no further commissions. We truly understand that your music is your hard work and talent put together. So, you should be the one who call the shots..


Once you join Mor'geez Records Family, we’re upfront about all our prices, from distribution to the world’s biggest stores, to optional extras like pre-release, chart registration and more. We also provide free ISRC and UPC codes with every release.

Free Pre-release Advise

We know that it's always kind of cheesy sometimes deciding or planning your release, depending on your industry experience. Morgeez Team are on hand to provide necessary guidance and advice to help you make the right release decision.

Get featured in the biggest music stream platforms in the world.

Morgeez Records Artist enjoy so many artists development programs.

Sell your music and merchandise in your own store.

Entrust your music career with Morgeez Records. Get professional management and A&R services. Experience full record label offerings like never before. Create your own music & merchandise stores. Start making money with your talent. Operate safely with expert help.
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