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Artists Pitch Project | the Road to Discovery

Written by on 17th July 2022

This is another talent scouting and talent discovery project of Morgeez Records. Unlike many other talent related programs mainly focusing on development, Artist Pitch has one primary goal, which is that of discoveing the artist that are suitable for the stable. Either for the management department, or for the label department or for other reasons whatsoever as viable within the Morgeez Operations.

What to expect from the Morgeez Artists Pitch Project?

There are numerous opportunities that are termed, “Green Light to Success”. These green light programs will see talents as they are and enable Morgeez to discover the potentials lying underneath every talent presented.

How can Artists participate in this Pitch?

Further information about the Artist Pitch Program (APP), will be released soon on the Morgeez Community portal .
Once the details of the program are published on the community portal, artists will be granted full access. This is where they can find the basic steps to participate with full advise.

What can artists do right now?

In anticipation of the full details of the program, artists or prospective artists are advised to join the Morgeez Community right now so that they can be notified with access once Artist Pitch details are released.

This will be one of the greatest opportunities yet for the independent music industry. Another solution to prosperity and a true independent status been engineered by Morgeez.

Every road will have a start point. Every career has a history. Every stream has a source.

Christopher Odiley – CEO Morgeez

For further inquiries and entry into the Artists Pitch Program, join the Morgeez Community for Talents to keep up to date with this project.

As usual, share this article link to all your social media handles and internet platforms or emails. Let them know, as you might just be saving someone’s music career.

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