Artists Representation Service

The sure way to get your career off the ground or improve your career as an existing artist.
Bookings Management

Opportunity Sourcing

Contracts Review

Artist Management and Talent Representation Service

Welcome home to Morgeez Artist Management and Talent Representation Company. A division of Morgeez Media Agency as powered by Mor'geez Records. You deserve better as a music artist or any other talent in general.

Bookings Management
Morgeez will oversee all bookings and manage all appearances with ultimate professionalism
Opportunities Outsourcing
From corporate performances to endorsement deals, Morgeez will handle it all.
Contracts Reviews and Management

Every contracts, every agreements and every paper works will be properly and meticulously reviewed.

The Money Trail

How Morgeez Artists Management will Represent You

artists management contract

STEP 01 – Sourcing the Deals

Using our best possible endeavors, Morgeez will be working and collaborating with industry partners to outsource opportunities.

STEP 02 – Your Interest

Your interest as an artist or talent comes first hence you are ranked first in the process of any negotiations

STEP 03 – Locking the Deals

Morgeez has vast experience in locking deals having been around in different spheres of the industry.


Representation Enrollment Info

There are no measuring stick to get talents or artists enrolled into Morgeez for representation. Its not the issue of "first come first serve" either. Its more about talent, passion and dedication of the artist.

Newbie Artists Representation

Must have EP or Album

Recorded music be of commercial quality

Recorded music be of commercial quality

A single or more Music Video (optional)

Connected on Socials

Must Purchase Artist Consulting Session Package

Must also Purchase Representation Starter Kit

Experienced Artist Representation

Obviously had couple of commercial recordings already.

Friend of the Radio Stations

Performed or has been performing and mastered the craft already

Darling of Social Media

Music Available everywhere

Must Purchase Artist Consulting Session Package

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