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Artists Development and Management Plan Announced

Written by on 14th December 2022

In a recent twist of event as Morgeez announced their all refreshed website, one very important aspect that stood out is the Artists Representation Plan. A dedicated plan and structure to manage artists in the most transparent manner to the benefit of the career of the independent music artist.

This is to erase mistrust between artist and his manager.

Christopher Odiley

Looking back at Artists and Managers Relationships

Then it was the era of family members managing the artists. The process is seemingly shrewder as most cases suggested. There were no professional artists management procedures applied to their operational tactics.

They often resort to dumping their managerial roles for the same people they tend to be protecting their artists from exploiting. Resulting in the same circle of foul plays.

What’s in the New Artists Representation Plan by Morgeez?

Looking back at the lineage of friends and family members acting as artists representatives and the gross disadvantage it has on the music business, all that will rapidly change in this new Artist Representation Service plan by Morgeez

This plan is set out to change the way artists management works especially when it comes to the affairs of the independent artists. By this service announcement, artists can be guaranteed transparent management that could be highly beneficial to their career.

Key Elements of the Morgeez Artist Representation Plan?

These includes, talent mentoring, talent development and all the nitty gritty of a peaceful working relationship that combines both the family-type structure and professional structure.

This setup would be the backbone of the music artist as business issues are handled professionally while maintaining a peaceful, but mutual co-existence at the same time. This spells out trust and abundant of love or passion for one another well being with one focus only, “success”. To checkout details of the Morgeez Artists Representation Plan, click here.

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