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For the Indie Artists – Get Booked Directly for Performance Opportunities

Written by on 20th September 2021

Beyond making the music, the power of live shows performances can not be overemphasized. In a world where artists have got to make the music, distribute the music, and in most cases manage their own music career, chances are, artists could be struggling to fix this aspect of bookings for gigs.

The ultimate goal for the music artist is to sell his music, and most of all, have access to paid shows or gigs performances. This is where the Morgeez Artists Management Portal comes in.

If you are a recording artist, the best place or platform to list your works and showcase yourself for performance bookings and related opportunities should be the Morgeez Artists Management Portal.

Christopher Odiley – ceo

Features of the Morgeez Artists Management Portal

There are various ways of booking artists these days. But the one common thing all of the various ways entails is that bookings have to be done through a reliable artist booking agency. This is to ensure professionalism and artists’ dedication to duties.

Morgeez artist’s booking agency has put in place this fantastic booking platform that guaranteed trust and reliability in the artist booking industry. If you are a client, you are able to book artists through Morgeez or even book them directly. This is to ensure ease of booking artists for your events without any form of disappointment.

Basically, these are the key features of the Morgeez Artist Management and Booking Agency portal that both the clients and the artists should take note of:

  1. Get booked directly as an artist
  2. List your musical works including your artistc biography, discography, videos, photos gallery
  3. Add your external shops links for ease of sales of your music
  4. List your gigs and related activities all through the year.
  5. Promote your music worldwide for bookings opportunities
  6. Sell your merchandise and tickets
  7. AS A CLIENT, you can book artists directly
  8. Share artist profile with your team worldwide and make informed decision.
About the Morgeez Artists Portal

… a host of many other relevant features that makes the process of getting booked as an artist and booking the artist as a client, very easy and fun while maintaining world-class artist booking transactions standards. Ready to enjoy the benefits of the artists portal, click here.

Remember to share this info across all your networks, as you might be saving someone else, music career. Got a story to tell, click here to submit it and we will be glad to help you publish it.

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