Morgeez Affiliate Program

Earn Up to 15% Commission

Invest 0 but make money while you sleeping…

affiliate program

Simply visit the Morgeez Manager Desk, Register to create your user account. Its absolutely free.


Check your email to find your account activation link. Click and Activate your account.

Once Login, you will then be able to join the Morgeez Affiliate Program and obtain your unique marketing link.

Copy and Save Your Unique Referral Link

Your Unique Url or Link is your power to making money. This is the link you can use for referring clients. You can copy and paste this link to your social media pages or any other form of internet marketing platform you opt to use at anytime.

You can also easily share this link via your WhatsApp marketing and refer anyone from friends to family, colleagues to business associates to anyone in your personal and public contact lists.

referal link

Monitor Your Commission Grow

Note that you can always withdraw your earnings once you hit anything above USD50. You are absolutely your very own boss. The below screenshot shows you how your Affiliate control panel looks like. This is where you monitor transactions and request withdrawal of funds.

manager menu

How Morgeez Affiliate Program Works

The below explains how the process works for you our affiliate partner.


What are Clicks

These clicks shows you how many times your referral link is clicked upon through your marketing channels.

What are Signups

Shows you how many users had signup to the Site through your marketing funnel or link.

What are Conversions?

Conversions mean the actual sales or purchases that users who had signed up through your marketing link has completed.

Keep Track of Your Entire Affiliate Business Records

The below table displays your entire business with Morgeez as an affiliate. Its all transparent business between you and us. You are able to see who signup, who has bought or purchase services, and you are able to see your commission due to you.

affiliate records

Free Sign up

Time to start making the cash. Time to make money selling Morgeez SERVICES BY SIMPLY REFERRING CUSTOMERS.