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We are seeking a UX Research Specialist to join our marketing and work closely with our product team and designers. Your work will range from conceptualizing and forming product and website improvements and features to evaluating the usability and success of our marketing touchpoints.


  1. Drive user research and concept development, including persona and scenario development.
  2. Design studies that address both user behavior and attitudes, and generate actionable insights.
  3. Advocate for the user throughout the process of proposing, wireframing, and implementing UX improvements.
  4. Work closely with marketing and product teammates to identify research topics.
  5. Collaborate cross-functionally with design, product management, content strategy, engineering, and marketing.
  6. Participate in recruitment activities for user research participants, including developing criteria, screening participants, creating materials, tracking results, and coordinating incentives as needed.Requirements:
    1. BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience.
    2. Comfortable launching and iterating quickly and using data.
    3. In-depth understanding of UI design, including knowing how and when to leverage research and testing to inform decisions.
    4. Strong abilities across a broad set of qualitative and user-centered design methodologies.
    5. Working knowledge of quantitative, behavioral analysis and statistics.
    6. Excellent communicator, both verbal and written.


Creative director and marketing concepts developer, the man behind the creation of the Morgeez Media Agency. Passionate about costumers service that provides opportunity for productive interactions and leading to utmost business success.

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