Sales Enablement Manager

sales-enablement-managerAs a product marketing manager in charge of sales enablement, you will have a direct impact on driving our customer growth every day. You will be our internal expert on the competitive landscape and help optimize our sales process and collateral. In short, you will give our sales team a competitive edge.


  1. Work with our awesome customers to create case studies and customer success stories.
  2. Find our evangelists through relationships with sales reps and via social media, then nurture them and help them promote our cause.
  3. Deliver training and sales tools to our reps to help them be more efficient and effective.
  4. Perform competitive research and help position us to win more customers.
  5. Collect and analyze data that supports our solutions in the market to buyers.Requirements:
    1. BA/BS or equivalent working experience.
    2. Past experience performing research or building competitive analyses.
    3. Excellent communication skills — you will interact with customers and cross functional teammates regularly.
    4. Proficient in Social Media Inbox, which you will use to identify and nurture advocates via Twitter based on their buyer stage and monitor conversations about the competitive landscape proactively.APPLY NOW

Creative director and marketing concepts developer, the man behind the creation of the Morgeez Media Agency. Passionate about costumers service that provides opportunity for productive interactions and leading to utmost business success.

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Morgeez ensures effective creative agency services. Boutique marketing concepts using all available media. Get the frontline row!. Get the marketshare your brand deserves.

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